What ever happened to separation between church and state?

So now we know that a group of Islamic fundamentalists with shady ties to Middle Eastern extremists is working hard to build a mosque that will send five calls to worship a day echoing through the gaping canyon where the towers once stood.  And we also know that the Obama administration is PAYING the Iman to travel all over the Middle East to raise cash to build this thing.
He hasn’t denounced Hamas, I’ll give you that. Other than that, the FBI has used him for Muslim outreach. George W. Bush included him an interfaith breakfast, after 911.
“They won’t tell you that the chants of “Allahu Akbar!” that will repeatedly ring throughout the city at every prayer time is the same chant that was captured on the voice recorders of Flight 93.”
You know, I’ve never actually heard a call to prayer in a Western city. Not in New York. Not in Chicago. Not even from the local mosque. Are you sure about this?
“Allah Akbar!” God is great.
Yes. Observant Muslims are required to pray five times a day. There is a room in the Pentagon where they pray. The Pentagon was also attacked on 911. If ever there are buildings erected on Ground Zero, there may be rooms assigned for Muslim prayer.
“Tonight we learn that President Barack Obama has given his blessing to building a mosque at Ground Zero, and in fact, has virtually mandated it.
 What ever happened to separation between church and state?
This Administration bends over 'backwards' to justify 'Anything Muslim'... WE are not a Muslim Country, but BO is trying to make us one... I, for one, will be elated when this Muslim/Communist POS is out of office .... We can then 'recover' and move forward in the 'American Way' .... This is just another 'slap in America's face' .... You 'BO Supporters' have voted for 'SOCIALISM' .... I hope you wake up before 'Sharia Law' comes to America!!

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  1. Thanx for visiting my site. Now Obama is parsing his language saying he was merely talking about the right of Muslims to do this as if we didn't know our own Constitution. DUH!