The Day After The Masque Speech

I was wondering this morning what will happen if the Obamaniacs try to rerun the same 2008 campaign in 2012. Even if they can reproduce those massive cheering and chanting ‘Yes We Can!’ it’s going to ring differently after four years of recession, deficits, and bumbling.
In the past year and a half, the Left has exposed their true Communist faces with the faces of President Obama & his Inner Circle such as Robert Gibbs, David Axelrod, & the arrogant, pompous fool named Valerie Jarrett along with their co-conspirators, Rep, Nancy Pelosi & Senator Harry Reid. The Left has collapsed because the people have risen up against the Democrats Marxist legislation; as a result, the Democrats are in disarray & fighting among themselves as the tensions split them asunder. Democrat is & will be a dirty word.
The magic of 2008 can't be recreated and good riddance to it.


  1. I hope you're right. I think the YES WE CAN will just change to JUST WAIT A LITTLE LONGER and most stupid voters will say OKAY!
    Our kids are indoctrinated, our media's in the far left bag...heck, if that's really your picture on your site, I'm thrilled anybody pretty young dislikes Obama! I'll bet you haven't many friends with your opinions but, if you want to really make my day, tell me I'M WRONG!
    Thanks for coming by geeeeZ...good luck with your new blog, it looks great.

  2. Jason Mattera would be proud.

    I agree with Z although I am surprised at the number of people especially independents rejecting these Marxist policies.

  3. Prag, welcome to the blogosphere. Yes, Dem is a dirty word. So glad so many of them have already seen the light and jumped ship.

    And re: communism versus socialism. I remember hearing that socialism is just like communism, only they don't have the b@ll$ to man the barricades.

  4. I followed, your first follow. Yay. I love doing that.

    Pssst. Typo alert in the title of the WTC explosion pic.

  5. Opus #6 said...

    I followed, your first follow. Yay. I love doing that.

    Thanks for that... (-: