No mosques of any kind or size at Ground Zero!

 Mayor Bloomingidiot's New York City.

Rising crime rates, dirty streets, impossible traffic jams, bed bugs galore, and clearly a return to David Dinkins time.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg fully supports building a Mosque with questionable financial ties near Ground Zero. He even claims investigating those ties would be “un-American.”
Americans who still feel the sting of the 9/11 attacks stand opposed to building what could become a shrine to radical Islamists all over the world. In opposition are liberal elitists who falsely claim the mantle of "tolerance" and "openness" to justify building a Mosque at the center of where the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history took place in the name of Islamic Jihad.
I would support opening a respectable whore house over opening a mosque. At least the whore house wouldn't be recruiting people to bomb Americans.

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  1. Yup and if they do will the gay bar next to it do well?

    I agree with you and can't trust any of them!

    They are all a day late and a dollar short with me!