I am sick to death over this “Blame Bush” crap!

I don’t know about you, but I am sick to death over this “Blame Bush” crap. Is the Bush Administration responsible for "Obama’a Health Care"?? Is the Bush administration responsible for the lack of border control and immigrants???? No, Obama is!! Did you ever see Bush disrespect the American flag by not putting his hand over his heart like a true American? Obama doesn’t!!! Did Bush ever support Muslims??? Obama does!!! we could go on and on with this but this is just some...and I hate to tell you this we dont have six and half more years, we only have 2...Obama sealed his fate when he supported the Mosque at Ground Zero, so be proud of YOUR president for now, because we will have a change of command ceremony in two years.

Obama has been in office for almost two years, he still blames the previous President for all of our problems. When will you freeloaders start taking responsibility for your actions? I didn’t agree with Bush policy but at least he stood by his decisions like a President should. Lessons learned; don't allow an undocumented alien to be elected President.

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