Isn't it easy to tell that lying, hypocrite dirty-harry is up for re-election this year?

 Breaking with President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced his opposition Monday to an Islamic mosque and cultural center being sited a few blocks from Ground Zero in New York.
Obama has told us about the need to follow the Constitution when the argument against  NY Masque is concerned. .........  So  Harry Reid  is against the Constitution now? As far as I can tell that is the only argument that liberals have been spewing. Now one of their own throws their argument under the bus? The Democratic Party is falling apart. Is any liberal left going to confront Reid about his failure to respect the constitution?
I feel kind of sorry for all of the Facist "progressives" who were in that forum, screaming about how racist people are for not wanting an Islamic victory monument at Ground Zero . . .now they have nothing to say, until they get their new set of talking points.

What ever happened to separation between church and state?

So now we know that a group of Islamic fundamentalists with shady ties to Middle Eastern extremists is working hard to build a mosque that will send five calls to worship a day echoing through the gaping canyon where the towers once stood.  And we also know that the Obama administration is PAYING the Iman to travel all over the Middle East to raise cash to build this thing.
He hasn’t denounced Hamas, I’ll give you that. Other than that, the FBI has used him for Muslim outreach. George W. Bush included him an interfaith breakfast, after 911.
“They won’t tell you that the chants of “Allahu Akbar!” that will repeatedly ring throughout the city at every prayer time is the same chant that was captured on the voice recorders of Flight 93.”
You know, I’ve never actually heard a call to prayer in a Western city. Not in New York. Not in Chicago. Not even from the local mosque. Are you sure about this?
“Allah Akbar!” God is great.
Yes. Observant Muslims are required to pray five times a day. There is a room in the Pentagon where they pray. The Pentagon was also attacked on 911. If ever there are buildings erected on Ground Zero, there may be rooms assigned for Muslim prayer.
“Tonight we learn that President Barack Obama has given his blessing to building a mosque at Ground Zero, and in fact, has virtually mandated it.
 What ever happened to separation between church and state?
This Administration bends over 'backwards' to justify 'Anything Muslim'... WE are not a Muslim Country, but BO is trying to make us one... I, for one, will be elated when this Muslim/Communist POS is out of office .... We can then 'recover' and move forward in the 'American Way' .... This is just another 'slap in America's face' .... You 'BO Supporters' have voted for 'SOCIALISM' .... I hope you wake up before 'Sharia Law' comes to America!!

No mosques of any kind or size at Ground Zero!

 Mayor Bloomingidiot's New York City.

Rising crime rates, dirty streets, impossible traffic jams, bed bugs galore, and clearly a return to David Dinkins time.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg fully supports building a Mosque with questionable financial ties near Ground Zero. He even claims investigating those ties would be “un-American.”
Americans who still feel the sting of the 9/11 attacks stand opposed to building what could become a shrine to radical Islamists all over the world. In opposition are liberal elitists who falsely claim the mantle of "tolerance" and "openness" to justify building a Mosque at the center of where the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history took place in the name of Islamic Jihad.
I would support opening a respectable whore house over opening a mosque. At least the whore house wouldn't be recruiting people to bomb Americans.

Dirty Harry Reid is NOW against plan to build mosque near ground zero

The Senate's top Democrat on Monday came out against plans to build a mosque near the site of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, moving away from President Barack Obama on the controversial election-year issue.
Locked in a tight race, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid became the highest profile Democrat to respond to Obama, who last week backed the right for the developers to build a mosque near ground zero. Since his comments Friday, the Democratic president and his aides have worked to explain the statement, which drew criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike.
"The First Amendment protects freedom of religion," said Jim Manley, a Reid spokesman. "Senator Reid respects that, but thinks that the mosque should be built some place else."
 So Obama and Bloomberg theFilthy Traitors stand alone..
Obama is a Compulsive Liar and Complete Failure. Zero has Spent More Money in his First Year than All other Administrations Combined with Little to Show for it. Zero is Spineless and is Clearly Anti-American. Obama has Told NY Mayor Bloomberg he Wants this 13 Story Ground Zero Mega Mosque Built, and Bloomberg Controls the Landmarks Commission. The Muslims Already have Plans for a Second 5 Story Mosque at Ground Zero.
I honestly for the life of me can't see any legitimate reason why a Muslim Mosque wouldn't be allowed in NYC near the WTC. Why does anyone even give a crap that it's by the WTC? What does that have to do with anything? Anyone that throws a fit about this is a loser and should place their time and energy elsewhere. I'm LDS, usually vote Republican and hold fairly conservative views and can't understand why anyone gives a crap about this? Oh is it because so extremists hijacked planes and crashed them into the towers? Um okay and what does that have to do with the Mosque? Please someone respond with a legitimate reason why this is even an issue. If a bunch of Catholic extremists went crazy and burned a village in the name of Christ, would that village not allow a Catholic meeting place to be built in that town? Unreal how some people get their panties in a bunch over the dumbest things. 
This is is all about political reasons. Not religious.

Ignorant people can be easily fooled into believing anything!  Well believe this, THEY WANT TO KILL US!


The Day After The Masque Speech

I was wondering this morning what will happen if the Obamaniacs try to rerun the same 2008 campaign in 2012. Even if they can reproduce those massive cheering and chanting ‘Yes We Can!’ it’s going to ring differently after four years of recession, deficits, and bumbling.
In the past year and a half, the Left has exposed their true Communist faces with the faces of President Obama & his Inner Circle such as Robert Gibbs, David Axelrod, & the arrogant, pompous fool named Valerie Jarrett along with their co-conspirators, Rep, Nancy Pelosi & Senator Harry Reid. The Left has collapsed because the people have risen up against the Democrats Marxist legislation; as a result, the Democrats are in disarray & fighting among themselves as the tensions split them asunder. Democrat is & will be a dirty word.
The magic of 2008 can't be recreated and good riddance to it.

Communism v Socialism

They're the same thing. Communists around the world also call themselves Socialists. So it's easy to understand why so many get confused about the two terms. Socialism is Communism and Communism is Socialism. Some just like to shy away from the term Communism and instead use the term Socialism. They are the same thing in the end though.

Socialism sucks every time and everywhere it's been tired.

What is so hard to understand about that?

1. Fine or imprison employers who hire illegal aliens
2. Give zero interest loans to all homeowners who add insulation and Solar energy roofs
3. Ration gasoline, charge .25 cents per gallon for those using more then a life-line amount TBD
4. Remove marijuana from schedule I, allowing each state to make it illegal or to tax it and regulate its cultivation, sale and distribution.
5. Revoke the medical license of any health care professional who engages in fraud.
6. Make the advertising of any drug illegal on TV, radio or in print.
7. Use taxes on fast food, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and ammunition to build health centers in each of the 435 Congressional Districts to provide free preventative health care to all Americans.
8. Require each non-emergency agency at each level of government to purchase electric or hybrid vehicles or forfeit all transportation dollars.
9. Change the War Powers Act so a president can respond to an emergency immediately but never again engage in a war of choice and a decade long occupation of a foreign land.

Ground Zero mosque debate is about common sense, sensitivity to 9/11 vics, not religious freedomThese radical islamists want this Mosque/cultural center built at that location so it will be a beacon to the rest of the muslims showing Islam conquered the Great Satan USA there in NYC. Look back throughout history and see that that they do this everywhere they have made a conquest. Remember Constantinople and Jerusalem, and all the other places 'they conquered', they built monuments to their success. BHO and Bloomburg refuse to recognize this fact, and muddle the discourse with 'religious' rights. Google Cordoba for more proof. This 'in your face' BS must be stopped by the great citizens of NYC

 Muslims didn't conquer the US, the US is conquering the US.
These radical islamists want this Mosque/cultural center built at that location so it will be a beacon to the rest of the Muslims showing Islam conquered the Great Satan USA there in NYC. Look back throughout history and see that that they do this everywhere they have made a conquest. Remember Constantinople and Jerusalem, and all the other places 'they conquered', they built monuments to their success. BHO and Bloomburg refuse to recognize this fact, and muddle the discourse with 'religious' rights. Google Cordoba for more proof. This 'in your face' BS must be stopped by the great citizens of NYC.
There are already about 36 mosques in NYC, including one in the Wall Street area. The Greek Orthodox Church that was destroyed on 9-11 has not been given permission to rebuild their structure.


When are people going to open their eyes and get off the President Barack Obama train

When are people going to open their eyes and get off the President Barack Obama train they’re on. He is still blaming President George W. Bush for anything and everything he gets called on. (His followers do the same.) When does he have to start accepting responsibility? It has been a year and a half.
Why is it anytime you disagree with him or his actions, you’re called a racist. Racist? Just because you disagree with the guy? I thought race relations would be better. He ought to be ashamed. This is a huge step backward.
What kind of president goes on a world tour to apologize for the country that elected him? America got to where it’s at by being a God-fearing country, helping other countries and helping to stomp out communism. Yes, sometimes America had to be a little harsh to get things done. This man is more upset about Israel building apartments on their God-given land then he is about nuclear arms that enemy countries possess. It took him eight days to get to the oil spill, two days to even make a comment about the attempted bombing in New York. If that was Bush, the media would have gone crazy and into a frenzy polling people and everything else.
Last of all, for eight years all we heard was how Bush stole the president’s office. (I think Obama’s citizenship is still in question.) The news, talk shows, Democrats and liberal Republicans trashed our commander-in-chief daily, to the point of making up lies (remember Dan Rather?) and now we are told to play nice and how out of line we are to say anything about a man even some of those who voted for are now seeing the lies and regretting their vote. I can’t wait until November.

Was putting 0bama into the White House America's biggest mistake?

It is obvious that 0bama being put into the White House is America's biggest mistake in history for in no way does he represent this country, its principles or its hopes and dreams. His own dreams are instead the nightmares we have been fighting against for at least 50 years.


No Obama!

Something is dangerously wrong with this president. He is not in touch at all with the people. He is not listening. (His administration with him) He is the most unAmerican politician I have ever seen.

I propose there is coming very soon a true revolution. I believe this president is going to lead us to destruction, and as rapidly as he possibly can.

He is a liar, not an American, a Muslim (though he said otherwise), Not a representative of the people, a deceiver, and is wiling to do what he has on his agenda even when it is unconstitutional (refuse to enforce immigration laws, etc).

. I don't trust the man at all, for anything.

Some say he has good intentions, well in his case the only good is good for nothing, or no good.

I am sick to death over this “Blame Bush” crap!

I don’t know about you, but I am sick to death over this “Blame Bush” crap. Is the Bush Administration responsible for "Obama’a Health Care"?? Is the Bush administration responsible for the lack of border control and immigrants???? No, Obama is!! Did you ever see Bush disrespect the American flag by not putting his hand over his heart like a true American? Obama doesn’t!!! Did Bush ever support Muslims??? Obama does!!! we could go on and on with this but this is just some...and I hate to tell you this we dont have six and half more years, we only have 2...Obama sealed his fate when he supported the Mosque at Ground Zero, so be proud of YOUR president for now, because we will have a change of command ceremony in two years.

Obama has been in office for almost two years, he still blames the previous President for all of our problems. When will you freeloaders start taking responsibility for your actions? I didn’t agree with Bush policy but at least he stood by his decisions like a President should. Lessons learned; don't allow an undocumented alien to be elected President.