Isn't it easy to tell that lying, hypocrite dirty-harry is up for re-election this year?

 Breaking with President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced his opposition Monday to an Islamic mosque and cultural center being sited a few blocks from Ground Zero in New York.
Obama has told us about the need to follow the Constitution when the argument against  NY Masque is concerned. .........  So  Harry Reid  is against the Constitution now? As far as I can tell that is the only argument that liberals have been spewing. Now one of their own throws their argument under the bus? The Democratic Party is falling apart. Is any liberal left going to confront Reid about his failure to respect the constitution?
I feel kind of sorry for all of the Facist "progressives" who were in that forum, screaming about how racist people are for not wanting an Islamic victory monument at Ground Zero . . .now they have nothing to say, until they get their new set of talking points.


  1. Harry Reid is wrong. I presume he thinks he needs to say this to defeat the ultra hard right Sharron Angle. I mean, she should be FAR FAR behind him in the polls, but she isn't. I don't understand why anyone would vote for this looney-tune (Sharron Angle).

    Are you opposed to following the Constitution? Our should it only apply to the "right" people?

    If any party is "falling apart" I would say it is the Republicans. They've gone too far to appease their racist elements this time. It should cost them big time in the upcoming elections, and for every election to come until the change their racist rhetoric.

    How do they expect to win with only a portion of the white vote?

  2. I won't even bother to reply to creeps like the one above

    There are No signs of genius in him what-so-ever!

  3. Keep fighting the good fight. And I see that Angel (WomanHonorThyself) is a visitor so you must be a pretty good dude. Take care.

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