Socialism sucks every time and everywhere it's been tired.

What is so hard to understand about that?

1. Fine or imprison employers who hire illegal aliens
2. Give zero interest loans to all homeowners who add insulation and Solar energy roofs
3. Ration gasoline, charge .25 cents per gallon for those using more then a life-line amount TBD
4. Remove marijuana from schedule I, allowing each state to make it illegal or to tax it and regulate its cultivation, sale and distribution.
5. Revoke the medical license of any health care professional who engages in fraud.
6. Make the advertising of any drug illegal on TV, radio or in print.
7. Use taxes on fast food, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and ammunition to build health centers in each of the 435 Congressional Districts to provide free preventative health care to all Americans.
8. Require each non-emergency agency at each level of government to purchase electric or hybrid vehicles or forfeit all transportation dollars.
9. Change the War Powers Act so a president can respond to an emergency immediately but never again engage in a war of choice and a decade long occupation of a foreign land.

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